Benjamin Solomon
  • I coach executive clients, entrepreneurs, teams, and individuals to slow down, step back, and get a new perspective. Their insights allow them to make long-lasting meaningful change and get the results they want.
  • After obtaining a B.A. in history from the University of Wisconsin and doing graduate studies in education at the University of Minnesota in the United States, I started an English language training business in Paris accompanying managers, directors, and teams in developing English language and communication skills.


    For over 20 years, I have worked with executives in many international companies such as Citibank, Groupe Amaury (Tour de France, Le Dakar), The Paris Airshow (Le Bourget) to name a few. As my skills developed and my desire to bring even more value to my clients grew, I made a coherent change and have enthusiastically moved into the professional coaching space.


    Indeed, desiring a new challenge while at the same time looking to capitalize on my deep listening and solid people skills, non-judgemental nature, and willingness to challenge others, I enrolled with Erickson International Coaching to become a professional coach.


    Today, I am to a member of the International Coach Federation, and am a doubly certified professional coach both with the ICF (Associate Certified Coach) and with Erickson (Erickson Professional Coach).


    Furthermore, I am certified in Action Learning, a collective intelligence method for team coaching.

  • What makes me most passionate about coaching is partnering with clients to bring about real change in their lives. As they tackle the complexities and challenges they face, develop themselves, and get the results they are looking for, I am continually grateful for their honesty, courage, and trust which in turn allows me to grow as well.


    In addition to working with individuals, I’m also interested in team coaching and collective intelligence coaching methods such as Action Learning which leverages the collective wisdom of a diverse group of participants to get new perspectives in order to problem-solve and develop leadership and communication skills.

  • In today’s fast-moving culture, more and more people are getting support through coaching. Indeed, people call upon a Coach for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking a solution to optimally focus their high reserve of energy. Others want a “sparing partner” to challenge them on important decisions in need of making. While still others have a deep conviction they are able to do so much more and desire a thinking space to help get them there.


    No matter the reason(s), when done professionally with a certified Coach, coaching can deliver strong value and bring about astounding results.


    Although therapeutic, coaching is neither therapy nor a space for getting advice. Furthermore, a Coach does not mentor, consult, or teach. Rather, coaching is an honest and trusting partnership between a Coach and a Coachee (Client) where the Coach accompanies, supports, and encourages the Coachee to reach specific goals (professional and/or personnal), make better choices, and embark on a transformative experience. In short, the Coachee is the expert of his/her life and has the ressources to find his/her own solutions from within. The Coach co-creates the space in which this becomes possible.

  • In addition to the examples given above, here is a non-exhaustive list of what has motivated some of my clients to get coaching:

    • thinking more strategically
    • balancing work/life spheres
    • aligning and living through values
    • prioritizing and managing time and thinking long-term
    • using collective and collaborative intelligence to find solutions
    • gaining in self-assertiveness and self-confidence
    • stepping back to see what’s really important
    • getting clarity and perspective on an issue
    • overcoming fear
    • making decisions
    • managing emotions
    • channeling energy
    • developing creativity
    • finding motivation

    • choosing to move to France to start my own business
    • changing careers to become a coach
    • running the Paris marathon

  • If you are interested in having a coaching conversation or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at: benjamin.solomon@bds-coaching-services.com
    Thank you.


Get clear on what direction you want to take, explore your true potential, and maximize performance levels waiting to grow inside.
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Leverage innovative and creative solutions to workplace challenges and projects through Action Learning, an effective high-value method of collaborative intelligence which saves time and money while building strong teams as well as leadership and communication skills.
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Take the time to step back and get new perspectives and insights on the projects, career plans, and life choices you want to be moving toward.
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